Sublimation Garments takes garment quality seriously and our quality management system is the mechanism used to up hold these very high standards.

Every garment made is based on an initial prototype developed and approved by the customer as the quality standard for every other garment made thereafter. The prototype is the responsibility of the General Manager of operations who approves the ordering of fabric.

From the prototype samples we created the complete Master Sample garment which includes embroidery, screen print etc. The master sample is then the responsibility of the representative and is kept on file. Upon receiving the order, a work order will be raised and 1st off sample will be provided. This 1st off sample are made against the master sample to ensure garments are not detrimental in any way. This ensures the quality standards of the garments are maintained as per the master sample.

In the quality process, the General Manager of operations inspects each job at each different stage as depicted by the work order using an inspection checklist sheet. The inspection checklist highlights critical areas of the garments to check for defects and depicting elements that will cause defects in production.

The work order provides the Standard Operating Procedure from the start of the garment till the end of the production and dispatch. Before the garment is due for dispatch, it is then gone through a 100% inspection check point. (i.e. check on loose threads, fabric and accessories defects, etc.)