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How to Choose the Quality Fabric for Your Clothes

Wholesale Fabric Suppliers Melbourne The fabric is the most important component of a garment. It doesn’t really matter how well the seams are constructed. If the fabric is not right, the garment will not look good and it will be a disaster.

How to Choose the Right Fabric for Your Clothing

  1. Take into account the Fabric Weight

GSM is the unit of weight for fabric. It is used to measure how heavy or light a fabric feels. You don’t need to measure the fabric weight in the store. You can measure the fabric’s thickness and distinguish between light-weight, medium weight, and heavy-weight fabrics by measuring its fabric weight.

  1. Take a Look at The Fabric Drape

Fabric’s drape will determine how it flows. In other words, fabrics with fewer drapes have less drape while fabrics that are more fluid have more. Easy! Be careful! Although drape is often confused with weight and how clothes look, they are two distinct factors.

Fabrics with more drapes will allow the skirt to move away from your body while fabrics with a looser drape will fold closer to your body. If you are looking for a flowing skirt, go for a well-draped fabric. However, if your preference is for a structured skirt, a thicker and stiffer fabric will work.

  1. Check the Fabric Stretch

The fabric’s stretch is the amount that it can stretch. Different fabrics have different elasticities (ability of textile fibers “bounce back”) when stretched. You need to make sure the fabric you choose has stretch. This can affect how the finished product fits your body.

Measure the stretch of a fabric by stretching 5″ of fabric across a ruler. Hold one end of the ruler over the zero mark, and stretch the other until it feels stiff. Divide that number by its original length. If your fabric is able to stretch to 7.5 inches, that means it has stretched 2.5 inches beyond its original length. This is 50% stretch.

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