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How to Choose Ice Hockey Uniform

The ice hockey uniform In Australia many things printed on there uniform such as logo of sponsors, player number, player name and any other brand advertisement the investor want to be displayed. The Ice Hockey Uniform in Australia can be customized as per team requirement it can be customized as per your design,color, size etc. The patterns give a lot various to the print and style for example screen printed pattern, stitched art work. The price of the uniform increases with the number of brand logo, names etc.

Points related to Sublimation Garments

Sublimation Garments is the designed where the design are directly infused with the fabric. All the design of the logo, name of player, number of player becomes the part of fabric. Here are some of the briefing related to sublimation that one needs to be aware of.

Right placement
The placement of design cannot be guaranteed in sublimation designing. As there are many places in the uniform could be little risk to get the perfect print. For example the area near collar, sleeves underneath etc. As this area does not come in safe print area.

Lack of perfect alignment

When the design is being printed on both front and back side cannot be perfectly align due to difference. Therefore one should ignore to continue the same print from front to back side of the uniform due to improper alignment.

Select easy patterns
Sublimation design perfectly fits with the simple pattern very well. The simple patter give impressive look and also work out well with the fabrics.

Choose bright color
The sublimation design come out best with the glow if printed on some light and bright color. Due to bright color the grace of the print comes out very well.

Apart from using sublimation on hockey uniform, is also being very trendy on the daily wear garment as well. Sublimation garment are among most trendy casual wear. This is very popular with the shirts and t-shirts patterns as well. One can get there favorite images, photos and many more printed on your garment. So it the time to get the one for yourself and impress your loved once.

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