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Where to Buy Customized Rugby Uniforms in Australia?

Rugby is one of the most popular games which is played all across the globe. Also known as a full-contact game, there is a high risk of injuries to the players, perhaps more than in the sports of football for cricket. In the olden times, there were extreme concerns that the uniform and accessories worn by the rugby players is not protective enough to prevent them from injuries. However, with the progress of time and the introduction of new technologies, there has been tremendous change in the rugby uniforms and now they suitably match up to the physicality of the game itself.

Previously the rugby uniforms were manufactured using heavy cotton that used to allow the players to engage in tugging and pulling at t-shirts. However, in the current time, rugby jerseys are mainly made using polyester which is sometimes mixed with a little amount of cotton as well. The use of this material in modern uniforms comes with a series of benefits.

  • Polyester is lightweight and durable enough for a gruelling full-body contact game.
  • Polyester allows the tailoring of tight-fitting jerseys that eliminates the option of opponents securing a grip over players.
  • Polyester allows simple maintenance. It does not degrade with regular washing and cleaning.
  • Polyester is also used to make rugby shorts, mostly with a mixture of cotton.

Where to buy it?

If you are looking to purchase Customized Rugby Uniforms in Australia, then it is suggested to take the online route. On the Internet, you will find a large number of sportswear manufacturers, who will offer top-class rugby uniforms at cost-effective rates. It is important to understand that the cost of the uniform should not be the one and only factor that you should consider while making the decision of buying them. The selection of a rugby team jersey must be done after careful research and investigation. It should also include suggestions and opinions from the team management and players themselves. After the amalgamation of all the suggestions and requirements, you should finalize the colour and design of the jersey. Make sure that the selected colour is such that the quality and print clarity of the logo is not affected in a negative way.

How to Find Wholesale Fabric Supplier in Melbourne?

If you are looking for a Wholesale Fabric Supplier in Melbourne, then you need to conduct a search online. An easier way is to contact Race Tex Print Pvt. Ltd. (Sublimation Garments) which is offering the best quality fabrics in Australia. Even if you search wholesale fabric suppliers near me, in Melbourne, then also this company will come at the top of the search results. The company has earned specialization in offering not just wholesale fabrics but also customized sports uniforms. Over the years, this Race Group company has progressed leaps and bounds to establish itself among the leading providers of Customized Rugby Uniforms in Australia. These uniforms are made for all types of tournaments – school, college, national and international. The company offers complete assurance for the quality and durability of every product.

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