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What is Garment Manufacturing?

Garment manufacturing means sewing, cutting, manufacturing, processing, repairing, finishing, assembling, or otherwise preparing a garment or garments or accessories designed or intended to be worn by a person, including but not limited to clothing, Hats, gloves, bags, garments knitwear, ties, scarves, and belts for sale or resale by anyone.

What are the steps involved in Garment Manufacturing?

Garment manufacturing includes the following steps in getting manufactured.

  1. Pre-Production– It involves three-step;
  • Fabric and trim sourcing: Once the design is complete, the clothing maker helps find the materials needed to bring it to life.
  • Pattern making: The template creator has the technical know-how to break down 2D song designs. They use sophisticated software to break down clothing components.
  • Sampling: Patterns are prototypes of creation. They are sewn individually and used to test the garment if model adjustments are required.
  1. Production planning- The production planner plans all the activities. The planning team ensures that all activities are completed on time. When a batch is produced, the team enters the details into a time and calendar.
  2. Cutting process- It is the garment manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure that the fabric purchased is used to its fullest. Modelers and joint cutters must ensure that the least possible losses occur when cutting fabric.
  3. Manufacturing and Quality control- Manufacturing time will depend mostly on the complexity of the design. Then quality checker will check for any error to complete the quality check on time.
  4. Delivery-Once the company reviews the product, it can be delivered to the warehouse.

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